New Music: Allegories

Allegories Press Photo

Allegories don’t exist.

Try finding out more from a website and all you get is a YouTube clip of a trailer for The Alligator People from way back in 1959. As funny as the clip is, it’s still kind of creepy.

But it doesn’t provide any answers as to the elusive bunch that creates these ambiguous pop tracks. Even the Al A. Gore-Reese persona on various sites reveals nothing more, becoming even more evasive with mention that Allegories first EP was released exclusively on 1 VHS tape, courtesy of the VHS Preservation Society.

Forget the bio, and focus on the tunes starting with Funny Way of Loving You, which seems to elude to some listening and influence from 80’s synth pop type tunes. Even if the song isn’t to your liking, the visual effects in the video alone are really intriguing and worth checking out courtesy of Lee Skinner.


Then there are the layers of lush dreamy synth pop in Evaporate, paired with ethereal vocals from Meagah. Allegories only have a small cameo in the video for this one so the mystery remains.








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