New Music: The Foreign Films

foreign films

The Foreign Films makes lush, grand-scope, psychedelic pop courtesy of Bill Majoros.

As a teaser to an upcoming double LP The Record Collector which looks set to be out in July, The Foreign Films unveiled an EP-sized preview as a taster of things to come.


The psychedelic grooves of Emily Blue are bewitching, the only option seems to be to continue listening and it’s just as well given the alluring and slightly sultry feel of Teardrop Town.

Broken Dreams dishes out big broad and layered pop-rock sounds intertwined with psychedelic vibes and is a personal favourite. But compared to the other tracks, Land of 1000 Goodbyes seems vastly different, with the sun drenched dreamy sounds and vocals potentially hinting at something more to come …patience and a little time until the LP is out will tell.

And why a double album? Simple – The Foreign Films sees a single as a first step of an exciting journey, but getting into a double album means being able to  travel deep into the sonic world of a long player.






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