New Music: Bella Loka – Colin


Following on from the Bella Loka Escape EP,  the band has taken Colin from the EP as a new single, complete with a new graphic novel style story video.

The video was entirely created by lead singer / songwriter Tea Boothby and the track was recorded at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios with the in-house producers Rob Cass and Pearse MacIntyre. The visual came to singer, songwriter and video creator Tea Boothby whilst recording the song at Abbey Road and was realised through the use of her own sketched comic book characters which were then imported to visual effects software in which she created the film.

You can watch it here!

The song was originally inspired by a real-life Colin, a pianist friend of the band with musical superpowers, but the video expands the story to an epic tale of two anti-heroes called Colin and the Blue Miner who connect across time and space to fight an epic battle on a higher plane resulting in the exchange of powers and the birth of a star.

Even without being a fan of graphic novels, watching the tale unfold adds to the charm and magic of the back story behind Colin, not to mention the intricate syncing of visuals and sound that bring the song to life.

After you’ve met Colin, you can watch the video for Alive as well










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