New Music: Cross Wires

cross wires

Cross Wires are a East London/Essex based four piece consisting of Jonathan Chapman (Vocals) Peter Muller (Guitar) Pete Letch (Bass) and Ian Clarke (Drums). The quartet has been described by Fred Perry Subculture as ‘Sounding like an angry mix of The Jam and Elvis Costello and The Attractions’. That’s surely worthy of a listen.


The band’s EP, Your History Defaced was released in September last year, a polished effort by any punk standards – think catchy melodies and toe tapping tunes that still have a bit of a raw feel to them. But bright and danceable tunes they are, not to mention those hooks sticking around for a while.


But fast forward to April 2015, bringing the Interaction : Dislocation EP and there’s an immediate difference within the first few seconds of Walking Wounded – the catchy sound is still there, but bearing a lot more angst… only just apparent on the previous EP with Last Stand and Vultures. The previous EP is a winner, but this effort has its merits too – track wise, courtesy of Last Days of Rome and Flesh but overall in delivering an edgier sound that is still filled with catchy hooks.







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