New Music: Black Lady Soul

bls band

Before even hearing a single sound from Black Lady Soul, there was enough to suggest that there was something worth hearing here based on a very simple intro:

 “We believe music should not be limited by conventional descriptors. They often fall short of justly illustrating the many variations and creations the human mind is capable of.”

 Goal achieved – attention garnered, now for the listening. And this is something worth listening to.

Think urban street soul and dirty rock grooves melding into moody sounds with smooth vocals, set to intricate beats and considered melodies with tinges of jazz all managing to come together into an engrossing listen.

The Fall was released as the band’s first single from their self-titled album released last year as a course away from the mundane and ordinary, sharing the experience of individuals rising from a chance-less suburbia to an unforgiving city.


Without resting on its laurels, the band has since followed up with another single release, El Dorado.


Listening definitely shouldn’t stop with those two tracks though – the entire album needs to be heard. Vices is a complex little number, and there are some slick sounds in Anchor too. The Riddle rounds out the album, delivering what is likely to become the band’s trademark blend of genres in one hit.











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