Jebediah 20th Anniversary Tour @ The Corner (with Fur) – 19 Jun ’15

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Jebediah @ The Corner

A night that was 20 years in the making – well, sort of. Welcome to Jebediah’s 20th birthday celebrations, with the auspicious occasion being marked with an entire tour. It’s also taken this long for one of the band’s shows (in fact, this one) to be sold out in about three hours.

It was smiles all around, the band seemed completed chuffed to be on stage, and the crowd just as happy to be taking a trip down memory lane.

Even the supports for the tour were selectively chosen from a bunch of 90’s rockers – this evening it was Fur, admitting they were a band from ‘way back when’ in case the sounds alone weren’t evident enough. Loud, brash rock from the three-piece, with raw, primal vocals. Worth taking a trip back to have more of a listen here.

And then as promised, two sets from Jebediah took us through a career spanning journey. This was the first time I’d been able to see Jebediah live so there was nothing to compare it to. But the band were a tight outfit on stage, showing absolutely no signs of wavering.

Set one was a selection of classics, starting off with NDC – and even though there was no way of covering every possible tune there were enough snippets to pay tribute to twenty years of tunes, but still delight with opportunities to reminisce with sounds that may have been overlooked in more recent times. There wasn’t any hesitation in following the word accidentally with ‘screw up your life again’ in Please Leave, and something newer like She’s Like a Comet didn’t even feel out of place next to the classic Fall Down.

Jebediah @ The Corner

Jebediah @ The Corner

Then, after a break and a pictorial trip down memory lane courtesy of the projected slide show, the band returned to the stage complete with a GoPro camera strapped to Kevin Mitchell’s head (where exactly is that footage going??!) to play Slightly Oddway, the band’s debut album in its entirety. It wasn’t going to be a complete night without hearing Leaving Home and Harpoon, while Invaders and Spoil the Show sounded brilliant live. In fact, it all sounded brilliant including keeping up with the tempo on Blame and our impressive singing along to La Di Da Da.

Two sets wasn’t enough though – returning for an encore and bravely asking, ‘What do you want to hear?’ to be inundated with a slathering of shouted requests. Still not enough time to hear everything, but thankfully Feet Touch The Ground made an appearance before the night was over.

There were lots of thanks on the night, for coming to the show, for sticking around…but the real thanks needs to go to Jebs just for doing what they do.

And just a little proof that Leaving Home still sounds as good as it did way back then….



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