New Music – Desrosiers




What do you get after a few jobs, the demise of a band and a move to a remote chalet? Anything is possible but in the case of Quebec-based Desrosiers, it was a solo music project leading to an EP and a couple of solo tracks.

This is by no means a new release, but on first listening of the Desrosiers EP the simplistic indie folk feel of No Tears, No Love Songs gives way to a heart on sleeve, melancholy tale, continuing into the lyrical and humble Don’tSuperman moves on from the sparser sounds, with a little more depth, building and ebbing alongside its hopeful lyrics.

But it’s not all pessimism and sadness, away from the self-titled EP the the pop vibes of Whatever be Your Art serve a more polished, layered sound and for a change of pace, there’s always a little piano composition in What A Life.







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