New Music – JproD (Jeopardy): We Here Now

JproD ArtworkWhen you read the words, “…let’s make it cool to be normal. I promise it is okay to be a black music artist and not wear Jordans” before even hearing a sound, there’s already a little curiosity and intriguing around what might be ahead.
This is JproD (Jeopardy), taking on more than a role as just an emcee or hip-hop artist, but a music artist looking to deliver genuine lyrics and catchy hooks. The material is based on personal experiences – what’s done, what’s seen and what’s felt. Maybe there’s something in that – given that this isn’t the sort of thing that would normally get my attention. But for whatever reason, We Here Now has managed to get a few plays even though it’s not a brand new track. It that’s enough to want more, there are a few other tracks available here as well.

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