Pierce Brothers @ 170 Russell (with Tash Sultana and Woodlock) – 19 Apr ’15

Barely visible while seated through the bodies fringing the front of stage, but positively audible was Tash Sultana. A ripping, gutsy acoustic set, complete with huge vocals, and solo roots based sounds with loops, a little beat boxing and a little electric guitar taking things up a notch was enough to raise a few cheers from the early birds in the crowd. Let’s just say that there were some dutiful purchases made post-gig as a result.

Turns out that she, just like Woodlock who followed, are old busking pals with the Pierce Brothers.

And maybe that’s why Woodlock seemed familiar, seeing the trio on stage triggered some sort of fleeting memory of hearing their sounds while travelling through the city or perhaps it was seeing their name on a poster somewhere. Regardless, these guys were a cheery bunch, with the proclaimed happiest drummer in the world and no strangers to harnessing a little crowd involvement. Nerves aside, the boys dished out a solid set of tunes

So to a sold out home crowd, Jack and Pat kicked off with a momentarily sombre and quiet start to the evening’s main proceedings, before launching full kilt into It’s My Fault, being almost impossible to hide how pumped they were for their home town show.

Excitement, adrenaline and cheers accompanied the tunes, and the live feat that the duo manages to bring to the stage. There’s an ever present balance of raw and earthy sounds, that are in no way haphazard in delivery with impeccable musicianship and vocals accompanying the fun on stage. It’s impossible not to enjoy watching these two on stage when it’s so clear that they’re having the time of their lives.

Pierce Brothers @ 170 Russell

Pierce Brothers @ 170 Russell

Sure it’s about the music, but the balancing act of multiple instruments played between the two on stage just takes everything up a notch – the not so subtle appearance of the infamous didgeridoo raising the roof just a little more, not to mention a little help from Reagan from Bonjah on a new tune and their own take on an MGMT number amongst a few other new tunes and the usual fun-loving banter that comes with a Pierce Brothers set.

Admitting their admiration for John Butler through their own take on Ocean, the condensed instrumental piece garnered more cheers and adoration, and spurred even more energy on stage with White Whale and Blind Boys Run, with Genevieve ensuring everyone had another chance for a big old singalong and dance.

There was no stopping these two, or the crowd cheering for an encore, and so they delivered with even more energy and adoration from the crowd right to the end with an epic finish bringing Tash Sultana and Woodlock back on stage one last time for Flying Home.

Pierce Brothers @ 170 Russell

Pierce Brothers @ 170 Russell

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