New Music: The Dantes – Out of the Dark EP


The Dantes are an indie rock duo from Plymouth, UK. Although originally meeting in college, Jack and Adam’s musical interests collided a few years later at a pub open mic night with a little blues being sung.

Open mic nights prevailed prominently along with charity gigs while the duo honed their talents and craft, eventually writing enough material worthy of being recorded locally for a debut EP release, Out of the Dark, combining a vast mix of influences.

While currently a duo, The Dantes dish up a fuller band sound with multi-instrument talents coming into use to cover dual roles while recording (Jack on drums, Adam on bass).

The EP’s title track kicks things off with a heavier, rock sound – driven with relentless energy and perhaps expectations of what might come next.

What follows is rock with an undercurrent of folk, becoming apparent early on in Make Your Know. The energy remains, but with a mellower sound, working to showcase some stunning harmonies hinted at earlier.

Seasons comes layered with acoustic guitar and more prominent vocals. Out of the Dark is the more distinct sound on the EP, but Time wraps up elements from all the other tracks into a neat little conclusion ensuring that nothing is really out of place.











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