New Music: Laurence Murray Project

laurence_murray_014Laurence Murray already has a few musical achievements to his name including EP releases with Kung Fu Academy, and Let Love Rule. However the Laurence Murray Project EP is set to be his debut solo release.

Delving a little deeper into this project, Murray revealed the many influences that have shaped and formed the sound he wants to share as a solo artist

After playing in a number of bands over the years I felt that it was time to make the type of music that I love and am most passionate about. I felt that the only way to do this was to write a solo EP and explore the artists who have influenced and inspired me ever since I picked up the guitar, deeper than ever. Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King, Doyle Bramhall II, Jimi Hendrix, Albert Collins & Freddie King are some of these influences to name a few. In addition I’ve been trying to interpret and connect modern Blues sounds in my own way, without sticking to perhaps a twelve bar format. Guys like Gary Clark Jr, John Mayer and Scott Mckeon are great at doing this and listening to them has really educated me.


The solo project however has come about with several other musicians in tow, including Fraser De Banzie (drums) and Duncan Robertson (Bass) with whom Murray collaborates with in another band, bringing a familiarity with his style. Kirsty Marquis has also shared her bluesy / soulful vocal phrasing and expressive delivery on the EP, with Murray drawing the linkages between her vibrato and his own attempts at emulating his favourite artists.


Beyond contributing their performing skills, the talented bunch have been heavily involved in the creative process to build on the music written by Murray.

Kirsty Marquis has written all of her own melodies and lyrics. Duncan and Robertson and Fraser De Banzie have helped me arrange some of the music; most of this took place during early sessions where we would jam the songs and mess around with different sections. Also, Duncan Robertson and my friend Michael Glass have been great in helping me co-produce and their insight and advice has been invaluable throughout.


Murray may hail from Edinburgh, Scotland but the blues and roots sounds from Texas are a prominent inspiration with sounds like Texas Tether paying homage to that influence in embarking on this solo project.

I want my writing to be Bluesy and to pay homage to the artists that inspire me every day, but I want to be subtle in doing so. A subtle tip of the hat. It’s all a learning process and I’m learning more each day.


But those influences and inspiration are scattered throughout the EP, from the sultry and edgy Vex laden with rich, lush guitar work, the easy going sounds of Pressure & Time or Walk Away with a more lyrical feel before rocking out to the instrumental Strawberry Fool.








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