New Music: Gus Boggar, Educated Fools (from uneducated schools)



Entering the foray of solo artist is Gus Boggar, otherwise known as Konstantinos Protopappas.

Previously having been a part of various musical projects along the way, Educated Fools (from uneducated schools) offers a juggernaut of musical tastes and flavours across genres while also encompassing traditional Greek rhythms.


Well, after a little tuning and chattering voices in the intro, a funky little tune appears in Black Snow, laden with bass and an outlandish vocal only to be followed by the more mainstream Grant’s Rudeness.

The abrupt end is quickly replaced to something that could very well have soundtracked a trip to the beach a few decades earlier in Nine-o-five with a sassy female vocal, not to mention experimenting in some rock attitude with Hold On.

The intermission provides a little reprieve from the assortment of sounds and styles that have been delivered thus far, seeming more like an end.

But the end is not in sight, with the intensity of Spanish inspired guitars in Smirni only to be intertwined with other styles all within the one composition before another curveball with alt rock vibes of Cut In Three and the gentler Better Days.

It’s probably worth thinking of this as a compilation of tracks – even if they are by the same artist. As an album, it’s a little chaotic but as a bunch of musicians making music, it’s just fun. Perhaps worth exploring if the idea of experimentation appeals.











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