New Music: BELLA LOKA Escape EP


Having taken a little crowdfunding support through Kickstarter and its dedicated faithful, as well as a little attention from Abbey Road in house producer Rob Cass, UK duo Bella Loka formally released their five track EP Escape earlier this month.

Humble light and airy indie beginnings of the EP’s title track Escape quickly become synth dominated electro pop, layered by the distinct depth of vocal tones from Tea Boothby. While this is pop, it becomes evident early on that Tea and David are steering clear from pop of the bubbly variety.

Instead there’s something more alluring rather than squeamish about this. The heavier production of Alive manages to serve something a little edgier and sharper – classier than a popular mass produced sound that would otherwise result in reaching for the stop or skip button. Part of this comes from vocals and arrangements that are a little quirkier and away from the expected.

The bubbly is exchanged for the dreamier Wake Up (You Could Do Much Better) with vocal control and composed delivery, the suave sounds of Where Are All The Ladies dabbling in a distinctly different rhythm and the lush layers of Colin.

Without taking too much time to catch a breath, the duo managed to fit in an EP launch tour, squeeze in a few support slots and festival appearances in the lead up to this release. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a new video for a new song called Go Down, check it out below:











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