New Music – Scarlet Starlings

scarlet 2

It’s been a while since first hearing of Londoners Scarlet Starlings through Unsigned Music Downloads, but the five piece progressive folk group released their debut album in June, offering a sonic mix of folk, indie and alt country.

Adding to the charming Anyone Can Say I Love You is Death of Innocence, almost haunting with purposefully delivered lyrics, melodic with just enough tension to offer something poignant rather than placid.

Fusions of styles and exploration beyond the realms of folk become more apparent during The Wolf, perhaps even taking a leaf out of a Western to create vast soundscapes. The intricate guitar work moving far beyond first lessons on a Takamine guitar and lyrical storytelling of Shape You’re In follows, with its gently crafted harmonies.

A change of pace and something a little more mysterious starts to come through in Montauk along with a change in lead vocals, leading to the enchanting Beckons.

While the majority of the album comes across as contemplative and reflective, there is a light heartedness offered up by So Glad You Stayed, complete with catchy hooks and layers of harmony.









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