New Music – Roma Ransom

Roma Ransom

All it took was a little busking in Springfield Missouri and Roma Ransom was born. Now based out of  Colorado Springs, Gordon and Grace perform music of the world with ranging influences from Django Reindhardt to Woody Guthrie to create what might be described as gypsy swing klezmer Americana. But the only way to truly grasp how eclectic this duo are is to have a listen for yourself.

Hit play on Gypsy Jungle, and Roma Ransom instantly transport to another place. Perhaps just a reminder of a favourite Middle Eastern restaurant, perhaps somewhere a little more exotic. But it’s not a one stop journey with a gorgeous old world charm exuding from Jivin’ Jitters.

Short, sharp and snappy bursts of sound, a little jagged and unpolished in its execution at times but persistence is rewarded with an array of eclectic sound bursts and moods…even something that sounds like pan flutes in Harp Heaven.

Camel Ride delivers exactly as promised too, where Arabian nights, Bedouin travelers and deserts aplenty are envisaged.

Sometimes you just need to try listening to something new – and you could be pleasantly surprised with what you find.








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