The Kin @ The Toff in Town (with Kisshead and Five Mile Town) – 21 Jun ’14

So after being introduced to The Kin supporting Coldplay at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney a few nights earlier, there was no chance of passing up another opportunity to see them live, which brought us to the Toff in Town on Saturday.

Those arriving early enough also had the pleasure of hearing the delightful Kisshead, complete with a burst of ukulele, the poise of Lemons and a rather successful attempt at a Kate Bush cover (This Woman’s Work), impressing with controlled, soaring vocals. The small crowd begged for one more song, and the wish was granted with an impromptu addition of the quirky Love Letters squeezed into the little time remaining.

A bunch of fresh faces in Five Mile Town shook things up a little with their tunes, the rock edge bringing different flavour to the night. There was definitely a heavier sound coming through live early in the set, verging more to an alternative leaning. But there was no disputing the melodic indie vibes of The Lucky Ones, the band’s latest single offering something a little more vulnerable, great hooks and sweet harmonies.

But it wasn’t long before the hard hitting drums and gritty rock fused sounds of ‘Who Am I’ arrived, packed full of powerhouse vocals. No shortage of dynamic or emotion, The Kin were ready to deliver a mighty performance.

New tunes were tried out amongst some of the more familiar and known, complete with blended harmonies and gritty pop sounds. But an absolute highlight of seeing The Kin live is witnessing the talents of Shakerleg. Bare handed drumming, and nothing short of intense despite not having a single stick in hand. That has to hurt, but it sounds and looks spectacular.

All the magic wasn’t exclusive to the stage, not only performing to the audience but with them when the band made their way to the centre of the crowd for an acoustic version of Mary, complete with battle of the crowd sides with some epic sing-offs across the room.

Keeping things within the family, Grey Ghost joined The Kin for a mash up of each of their songs. Unrehearsed but pulled off with ease, nothing short of intense and enthralling.

No shortage of surprises with a didgeridoo featuring in Waterbreaks, mind blowing alone and killer once drumming kicked in too, all wrapping up on a high and with reprieve from all the intensity with Everything’s Changing.

Seeing The Kin twice in three days seems a bit excessive but I’m hooked, and already waiting for the next round of dates to be announced for Sept / Oct.

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