New Music – The Good Wives

The Good Wives

With a name more humble than great, indie rock trio The Good Wives from Seattle, Washington released their latest EP, Everything I Know a little while ago.

Sighting influences and vibes from the likes of Smith Westerns, The Walkmen, and Vampire Weekend, some of the sounds may even have the potential of being a junior acquaintance of Gang of Youths’ Poison Drum. Perhaps there’s even a touch of Loon Lake thrown in for good measure.

Loaded throughout with guitar, Why It’s a Bad Idea delivers an instant hook with its bright, fun and carefree air that continues throughout, with the animated tale of Hero in the Story and the pursuit of Man Like Me.

Before wrapping up with Postpartum, the earworm award has to go to Never Speak Again celebrating the bittersweet relief of a little social cleansing. Clearing out the deadwood may not be such a bad thing after all, especially when it sounds this good.

While considered in their approach to the music, one goal becomes apparent pretty quickly – fun. And the youthful indie rock sounds that are dished up here meet the brief, screaming of carefree good times.



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