New Music – Summa ‘Diapason’ and Roads EP


Ambient sounds have the tendency to be associated with all things sleepy, dreamy and sometimes even fragile. So when that’s not the case, there’s considerable intrigue to find out more.

With a name inspired in part from the grand sounds of Arvo Pärt and sounds influenced by influenced by the music of Eluvium, Burial and Bon Iver, Summa, the moniker of Brighton based musician Matthew Fuller brings this intrigue with Diapason from his latest EP Roads.

The alt-ambient Diapason creates a level of curiosity, more unsettled tension that anything else. It’s mildly uncomfortable but the curiosity lingers as layers build, hinting at a fusion of sounds that eventuate into something mildly sci-fi, mixed with synth and a vocal track that takes on an eastern feel.

If that’s managed to pique interest rather than lingering in unresolved discomfort, then checking out the rest of the Roads EP may serve well. Muscle Memory provides an aftermath albeit short and inconclusive after Diapason while Sirens continues to shed light on some of those seemingly eastern influences amongst more spacious ambience and synth sounds infiltrating through.

The EP is a little challenging but certainly achieves a brief of melding serene melodies with harsh atmospheric drones to create an accessible yet dissonant sound.




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