Kingswood @ The Hi Fi (with Them Bruins and The Bennies) – 24 May ’14

A shunned silence as the loud music comes to an abrupt halt, a little posturing and Them Bruins were on stage, their first gig after a self described hibernation and ready to play new tunes. Not before kicking off with Black Widow

Posing and pouting, perhaps even learning a few new dance moves for the repertoire seemed to be the name of the game. A set stretching vocal ranges to their limits but cheers formed part of a little informal market research. The finding? Cheers equal likes.

With a round of high fives amongst all on stage, the “How the f^%$ are yaaaaaaa’s” hailed the arrival of the Bennies, complete with mushroom tea for anyone getting hectic, a tribute to the ganja smokers and a celebration of all things cycling. With Party Smashers blaring through only to be followed by Ice Cold Beers and Juicy Juicy Buds there was no signs of slowing down. Party anyone?

It may have looked as though the battle of the hair started early this evening. Tribute to the animals however, definitely goes to the Bennies…it’s not everyday you see zebra print pants and even some crunchy reggae (their words).

No further warm ups needed, it was time for the headline act launching straight into She’s My Baby and sounding mighty fine indeed. No one could accuse Kingswood of not being a friendly bunch, generously sharing leftover super sized pizza slices with the audience and even stopping security from pulling someone off stage when all they wanted to do was dance.

Kingswood @ The Hi Fi

Kingswood @ The Hi Fi


But soundwise, sweet guitar sounds and a bit of double drumming to boot filtered through all night.

Suckerpunch was delivered, and went down a treat being the first official taste of that impending album (waiting not so patiently….) but not before a teaser with some other tracks including All Too Much and ICFTYDLM . By all accounts, the teasers hinted at a cracker of an album.

Opening with an old fave, and closing with the ever admired Ohio bought things to an end but not before a little shared mic time with selected members of the crowd (note to stay away from the front at all shows to avoid involvement if that isn’t your thing).

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