Vance Joy @ The Forum (with Teeth & Tongue and Gossling) – 23 May ’14

Nothing tugs on the heart strings more at the beginning of a gig than being warmly thanked for coming out early by the support acts…and why wouldn’t you, when those early sounds melt your eardrums. In this case, beginning with a lowly guitar and the sassy vocals of Teeth & Tongue.

Melting harmonies, but not at the expense of a little rock, The Party Is You offered simple and catchy indie vibes contrasting against the vastness and rich vocal timbre of Mess You Up. The sounds continued, with the drama and alluring intrigue through to the hypnotism of Newborn.

The innocent and vulnerable sounds of Gossling were a favourite, with the delicate soul speaking to the crowd presumably winning over a few fans. The title track of the new album Harvest of Gold brought a depth and maturity to earlier material aided by a stellar band.

Continuing a crowd pleasing set, with an enthralling duet sharing the deliciousness of a relationship going sour (words from Gossling herself) from an overheard argument, and even revealing a long standing crush on Chris Issac with a cover of ‘Wicked Game’. It was a well overdue time to celebrate sadness for all the creativity it spurs. Shouted pleas requesting Wild Love were finally answered as well.

Everything about presence and sound from the moment Vance Joy was on stage managed to captivate an admiring crowd at the front, singing along to every word of From Afar.

It wasn’t just the new songs being introduced, even though sharing titles of familiar tunes with a mob of fans did seem a little superfluous for anything vaguely familiar. So much so that the crowd started singing along to the ukulele of Play with Fire before Vance Joy. But the sea of voices was silenced for the new songs, one with inspiration from a red eye flight, and a Facebook post in the hunt for appropriate lyrics.

Slower pensive creations were interweaved amongst the spark and brightness, and a surprising touch of modern flair on the classic Master’s Apprentices’ Because I Love You before a predictable but long awaited finish on Riptide.

Ignoring mumblings and murmurings of lacklustre performances from reviews of previous shows, the dedicated sing-alongs suggested otherwise on the night. And with the ongoing shouts of love from the crowd throughout the night, it turns out lots of people love Vance Joy.

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