New Music – Love and Zombies


Following the release of 3 EPs and seven singles comes the debut album from Love and Zombies, This Turned Out All Wrong. The project is the brainchild of Doug Young, now operating as sole producer, singer, songwriter and instrumentalist after a stint in a couple of bands prior.

Don’t be expecting a warm up, or even a lengthy intro after hitting play – the opening track, Fired Up sums it all up in title alone. It’s an explosion of sound, in the vein of influences like NOFX amongst others and probably the most brash on the entire album.

But it will get your attention, and rightly so in preparation for Suffer For the Art, a mission statement of sorts for the project and a blunt, unequivocal commitment to the art.

Punk influences come through across the entire album, and the vocal synth surfacing in Friends serves as a mild hint to the electronic foray of Dauntless (Must Be Worth It) before a more light hearted, melodic sound coming through in Haunting Whispers.

After a sense of resolve with Always & Never, Scene 6 Take 9 serves as a bit of a stake in the sand at the mid point of the album. Thankfully only lasting a minute or so, it’s a confrontational listen that immediately screamed of Psycho, but feel free to insert your own choice of gory thriller. It’s still sending spine chills.

A little fury follows in Scream Queen and Bleedout, but just like the first half of the album this doesn’t last too long before a sound change streams through, varying intensity and tempo across tracks and soundscapes like the slightly unsettling Sinking In.

Resolve follows, however, with the end blending into the ease of sounds in Hollow and Not What I Wanted.

It’s a lengthy listen, but after a couple of plays the range of influences and experimentation in various sounds delivers an aural reward. Admittedly, the guitar work is definitely a highlight and not surprising given Young’s primary role as a guitarist, but there’s certainly no shortage of talent across other elements.








One response to “New Music – Love and Zombies

  1. Interesting melodic riffs, incorporated into a new progressive punk sound. Very good I particularly enjoyed ‘always and never’ and ‘patient’. Kind regards Stephen

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