New Music: The Breathing Room

Breathing Room

The Breathing Room offers  creations of the Americana Indie-Folk variety…all the way from Dundee, Scotland courtesy of singer-songwriter Mike Fullarton.

A lightness and brilliance immediately hits within the first few seconds of Stranger On The Road, melding acoustic indie sounds with undercurrents of something a little more ambient.

There are subtle influences and references filtering through…think along the line of artists like Iain Archer, Foy Vance, Iron and Wine and you’ll be heading on the right track. There is an innate endearment within the spacious, melodic sounds that follow together with a vulnerability in vocals sharing lyrical tales.

Adding to an ever-growing list of Americana folk tune with undercurrents of alt country is The Here And Now, immediately stirring with its intro, but offering a little more momentum in a lush arrangement.

The harmonies in The Joy of Fiction create a real charm, together with the lush builds and layering that surround for some sweet listening. A whimsical, carefree number that seems to flow in its own space and existence.

If you like your listening accompanied with some visual incentives it’s worth heading to YouTube. Viewing the clips, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the inspiration behind these songs had stemmed from randomly selected footage, but an entertaining watch regardless.



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