New Music: Master Distiller


Master Distiller describe themselves as two – assuming that’s more than one individual, and not alter egos. But little more is known…shrouded in mystery and covered in a veil of darkness true identities exist in secrecy.

However, the sounds on Master Distiller’s EP, Beast Within, speak for themselves, delivering an enthralling three track taster of dark, hard edged rock. I can’t help but be reminded of the likes of Stone Sour when listening and after several listens to the EP I’ve been left with a muddle of riffs and lyrics from both rattling around in my head…

Beginning with the title track, Beast Within introduces a confronting storytelling style with lyrics conveying epic proportions of pain and despair. Seconds to Live continues to convey angst and solitude, amongst a strange balance of battle and defeat.

The pinnacle however has to be Six Shot Serenade. It’s as provoking as the title suggests, but the epic intro sets the scene for the mammoth tale that follows, with the lyrics virtually portraying a cinematic account of dejection.

The sounds themselves are hard edged rock, and together with the double-edged lyrics that are both disturbing yet riveting, Master Distiller manage to offer a soul stirring listen. Not for the faint hearted, and probably not a listening choice for a mood lifter but guaranteed to make you feel something.




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