Michael Buble @ Rod Laver Arena (with Naturally 7) – 1 May ’14

Naturally 7 offered more than just a standard a cappella offering in self described vocal play. Not just vocals, and not just beat boxing but all of that intertwined with mimed instrumentation. Effectively, creating the band without the instruments. Drums were mimed by one of the seven, positioned at the back of the stage, even a trio of brass featuring for a solo.


Naturally 7 @ Rod Laver Arena

Naturally 7 @ Rod Laver Arena

Talents were superbly displayed throughout the set but a magical version of Coldplay’s Fix You was the one that impressed with faultless harmonies and a sound fused with the group’s natural lenience to soulful R&B sounds.

The overabundance of glitter and shimmer in the crowd was almost upstaged by the super polished footwear appearing on stage with Michael Bublé’s entry onto stage. This was all class, shiny shoes and tuxedo – but not without a few pyrotechnics for entertainment and wow factor to accompany the grandiose sounds that may have otherwise soundtracked an epic film biopic.

The band remained shrouded behind a curtain while Bublé entertained solo with Fever a diminutive figure managing to fill the space of an empty stage even with the restrained start to proceedings before the lighthearted Haven’t Met You Yet and winning over a few hearts by chatting to a young fan and a prospective suitor for his son in the crowd (can’t wait for that story to be dragged out at future momentous life events).

Michael Bublé @ Rod Laver Arena

Michael Bublé @ Rod Laver Arena

An Otis Redding cover amongst a few other classics, slowing increasing the tempo to make good on a invitation to have fun. Everything suggested debonair and class, but that didn’t stop some cheeky and suggestive banter being shared during the band introductions – all members of the proclaimed all-star team line up, all backed up with an impressive list of musical credentials if the playing wasn’t enough proof.

But the discovery of the night – Bublé does EDM, taking on a little Daft Punk and Pharrell with Get Lucky. Yes, it happened, complete with neon lights and movement through the crowd to the other side of the arena without too much mobbing. If Bublé sings it, whatever it is, the crowd laps it up…or maybe they were just excited about trying to get a pic as he wandered by.

The genre journey didn’t stop there – taking a stab at some Mowtown with the help of Naturally 7 at the other end of the arena. Another bunch of fans had their chance to get closer, and a special first time performance of ‘Ain’t Too Proud To Beg’ – revealed as Pop Bublé’s favourite song.

Michael Bublé and Naturally 7 @ Rod Laver Arena

Michael Bublé and Naturally 7 @ Rod Laver Arena

Returning to the main stage, sans bow tie the bling factor lifted again with a rocket of sparkles stealing the limelight from those shiny shoes for a bigger, epic finale on It’s a Beautiful Day.

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