Calling All Cars @ The Corner (with The Sinking Teeth and The Love Junkies) – 24 Apr ’14

Never short of humour,  an introduction of “We’re Calling All Cars filling in for The Sinking Teeth” – not quite, but starting with The Sexy Mates sounding good enough to jostle for a position as the headliner.

A few months since first seeing The Sinking Teeth live, a tighter set and even a little more refined, well as much as a puke punk can be. But it’s the world of difference for music you want to listen to.

Vocals blasting through and attempts to use a little chinwag for poetic forays – efforts probably best left to song lyrics. A little experimentation into a sharp and punchy instrumental track was a bit of crowd pleaser along with a few other tracks that weren’t from the White Water EP…but the EP’s title track did make an appearance, amongst a bunch of sonic treats that never shied away from primal bass and rhythms.

Next to this, the first few seconds of the Love Junkies set may have put a few ears off track, expecting a little melodic pop. Melodic; yes but no shortage of fast, furious beats and thrashing rock from this trio.

Throwing in a couple of effects, getting a little grungier even if momentarily, and even getting to hear the newer Chemical Motivation.

There may have been a self-directed challenge to play as fast as possible during the set but by the time Blowing on the Devils Strumpet rolled in, we were more than adequately warmed up.

So, of course there were a bunch of people stoked to be seeing Calling All Cars, but perhaps amongst that filled room there was a little bittersweet feeling, being the last show before they headed to the UK.

If there was, it was well muted by Every Day Is the Same ripping through, and Werewolves being just a little more familiar than on previous occasions. A little dancing in the crowd paved the way for the real party. Of course, it wasn’t going to be the Raise the People tour without playing the title track from the album, still packing a punch.

With Nick Manuell from The Sinking Teeth taking over guitar duties, the mic lead was pushed to its limits being dragged through the crowd by Haydn Ing. But the crowd seemed equally eager to get up close, surfing to the front and even getting on the stage later in the night.

The sounds of Hold, Hold Fire were stripped back, at least for a minute before brutal goodness kicked in again only boosted by some superior time keeping and singing from the crowd. No signs of stopping, it continued into She’s Delirious on invitation and may have turned into something more like shouting on encouragement of being ‘louder’ during ‘Not Like Anybody’.

And with a taste of the more melodic progression on album three, Standing In The Ocean, another stellar night of tunes wrapped up.


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