New Music: Quinn Archer

Quinn Archer

Image courtesy of Quinn Archer

LA based Quinn Archer is a singer-songwriter who, after working on several other projects branched out as a solo artist, defining her own breed of gothic soul.

Dark Places is a stunning number that encapsulates a heartfelt, soulful sound with the mystery and depth of an old soul. An emotional delivery of captivating lyrics, showcasing gut-wrenching storytelling skills only serves to draw in and entrap into the dimness and shadows that unravel.


For a change of pace, check out Rest of My Days, a duet with Marcus Foster. A classic ballad, but with vocal contrasts of Archer’s pure tones and Foster’s distinctly raspy delivery blending in gorgeous harmonies.


Walk Through the Fire is further proof of super-sized vocal chords that belie the average human being. Sound wise though, there’s more pop here than previously displayed. Think powerhouse ballad and the ever-present, unshakable air of Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful that is evidently audible. As a debut, attention grabbing but Dark Places definitely uncovers a greater depth that is hopefully a sign of future sounds to come.


Following the more than successful completion of a Kickstarter campaign to fund a video for Dark Places (in excess of 200% of the funding goal), there is clearly some support for this up and coming talent. Stay tuned for the imminent video, but here’s an unplugged version to enjoy in the meantime.



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