Unsigned Music Downloads – February Playlist

Unsigned Music

Yes, you read correctly – February. No hiding the fact that I’ve been sitting on this one for a while, but time clearly was not of the essence. What matters though is another stellar collection of tunes, 32 making up a nice little variety with something that will surely cater for everyone.

So good was this little compilation that narrowing down preferences was a pretty tough ask. It’s definitely worth having a listen to all here http://www.unsignedmusic.org/february.html but here are my faves…reverse alphabetical order by artist, just for a change…


The tune: Full Moon Thriller

By: That Danger Trap http://soundcloud.com/that-danger-trap

Hails from: Portsmouth, UK

Sounds: Rock, Alternative

Something a little softer – because not everything needs to be loud and abrasive. Lovely nonchalant vibes, carefree from what was assumed to be a band but in fact is a solo project.



The tune: Rainbow

By: Steve Thompson and The Incidents – www.facebook.com/TheIncidents

Hails from: Merseyside, UK

Sounds: Indie

The name says it all – imagine what a rainbow sounds like and this might be what you find here. If nothing else, you might feel a little happier after listening to this.



The tune: Take My Heart

By: Soul Pattern – www.facebook.com/soulpattern

Hails from: Liverpool, UK

Sounds: Rock, pop

Funk pop stylings, catchy groove that immediately hooks you in. Nothing complicated just a damn good sound here with unashamedly happy vibes …toe tapping might be mandatory here.



The tune: Anyone Can Say I Love You

By: Scarlet Starlings – www.facebook.com/ScarletStarlings

Hails from: London, UK

Sounds: Progressive Folk

Sassy, soulful female vocals immediately charm and are strangely complimented by the gruff male vocal. It’s chalk and cheese when kept separate that strangely comes together in a haunting and enchanting way, only adding to the poetic heartfelt lyrics.



The tune: Tales of a Paranoiac

By: Red Planet www.facebook.com/RedPlanetOfficial

Hails from: Croydon, UK

Sounds: Alt Rock

Melodic guitar rhythms infiltrating your eardrums in the intro and verse provide a mere glimpse into an all steady number before the explosive chorus kicks in for a little Jekyll and Hyde experience.



The tune: It’s a Long Way to Fall

By: Peter Keaveney – http://soundcloud.com/keaveney91

Hails from: UK

Sounds: Alt indie

I may have tried to turn up the volume here – pointless though because of the volume lock on my iPod. Nothing overly complicated here beyond an awesome track that will linger in your ears.



The tune: Demon

By: Lost In Olympus – www.facebook.com/lostinolympus

Hails from: Leeds, UK

Sounds: Heavy rock

A brutal hit of rock. A brash attack and equally brazen delivery of powerhouse vocals plummeting through. Love this! It’s big, catchy and best heard loud.



The tune: Peace of Mind

By: Leks Rivers – www.facebook.com/pages/Leks-Rivers/134841003197106

Hails from: West London, UK

Sounds: Alternative, Rnb, Soul

A beat, and a vocal. That’s it. But don’t underestimate the simplicity here. Bare bones means exposed, and this one is incredibly captivating with a gorgeous vocal tone to admire.



The tune: The World was Sleeping

By: The Landedwww.facebook.com/thelanded

Hails from: Colchester, UK

Sounds: Indie, Alt Rock

Acoustic rock vibes and soaring vocals thrown into the mix to deliver this one while letting that guitar shine through. Given the array of influences here.



The tune: Losing Touch

By: Empathy Test – www.facebook.com/empathytest

Hails from: London, UK

Sounds: Electro, synth pop

Loving the ethereal sounds here, and the mix of old and new electro influences. Spacious layering that avoids unnecessary clutter and delivers simplicity with enough dynamic and build to sustain intrigue, all to accompany the tales unravelled in lyrics of unrequited love.



The tune: Not Coming Back

By: Electric Lips – www.facebook.com/electriclips

Hails from: Liverpool, UK

Sounds: Rock / Hard Rock / Blues Rock

Funky little rock number here, but it’ll have you hooked in no time. Guitar to groove along to and some serious earworm material. Catchy stuff.



The tune: That Other Girl

By: The Everglows – www.facebook.com/TheEverglows

Hails from: London, UK

Sounds: Rock, retro

Sounds from another era with retro influences shining through from the outset with a nice dose of something fresh that oozes cool.



The tune: Carpe Diem

By: Drop Dead Fred – www.facebook.com/DropDeadFredBand

Hails from: Braintree, UK

Sounds: Grunge

I keep going back to this little gem…massive sound, guitars and bass ringing through loud and clear with a slightly melancholy, nonchalant vocal contrasting the poignant lyrics. Sonically, this one’s probably not for the faint hearted.



The tune: Black Dog

By: Dean Jameshttp://soundcloud.com/deanjames/black-dog

Hails from: South Shields, UK

Sounds: Rock

Make it past some fine guitar work in the extended intro (impressive in itself) and you’re greeted with some gritty, raspy vocals you’d probably expect to be fronting a rock band. Instead, a nice little solo acoustic number.



The tune: One Face Man

By: Blue Egg Sessions – www.facebook.com/BlueEggSessions

Hails from: West Yorkshire, UK

Sounds: Rock, and whatever else happens

Spontaneity is key here, with what clearly comes across as more impromptu jam that rigidly planned structure and arrangement but somehow it all works into something worth listening to. Intensity and distortion providing a discordant backdrop to a whispered, barely decipherable vocal.



The tune: Stay

By: Bears Of Brasov – www.facebook.com/brasovbears

Hails from: London, UK

Sounds: Alt Rock / Indie

This had me thinking of the likes of The Preatures and Lurch and Chief pretty early on with catchy riffs and shared male / female vocals. But the similarity ends there – this is more uptempo and upbeat, making for an infectious, albeit short tune and a mighty impressive noise for a mere group of three.



The tune: Camera

By: Audio Kings Of The Third World – www.facebook.com/pages/Audio-Kings-of-the-third-world/148775103473

Hails from: Philadelphia

Sounds: Garage Punk, Post Punk, Stoner Rock, Garage Rock

Intriguing little number this one, wasn’t sure where it was heading and still not completely decided. The synth is throwing me off a little but I keep going back to it… it’s a little spacey, a little edgy…try it on for size.



The tune: All For You

By: Aphemia – www.facebook.com/pages/Aphemia/163623253715465

Hails from: Derby, UK

Sounds: Industrial/electronic, prog rock band

Buckle up before you put this one on…you’ll soon realise that something big is going to happen here. Whether it’s the explosive sounds, the synth, the rhythms, the air of mystery about what might happen next or just the mix of rock and electronic, something might tickle your fancy here.



The tune: A Matter of Time

By: Age Of Pilots www.facebook.com/AgeOfPilots

Hails from: London

Sounds: Rock

Relatively non-offensive rock here delivering a little attitude but it’s damn catchy. Layered vocals and harmonies add to the complexities, but guitars shine through amongst some hard hitting drums…evidence of a few listens on repeat here.

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