Unsigned Music Downloads – January Playlist

Unsigned Music

Fact: I can’t say no to a new tune or two. In this case, 56 tracks to treat my ears courtesy of Unsigned Music Downloads. You can check out the full January playlist here.

My faves are here…in alphabetical order by artist….

The Tune: Black Box

By: Alter The Republic – www.facebook.com/AlterTheRepublic

Hails From: North East, England UK

Sound: Alt Rock, range of influences

Definitely a range of sounds here, no one particular influence stands out but this is pretty catchy. The bass will hook you in before the explosive intro kicks in and the chorus packs a punch too.

The Tune: Mystery

By: Bad Cardigan – www.facebook.com/badcardigan

Hails From: Lancashire, UK

Sounds: Acoustic, Indie, Edgy Folk

Really lush guitar laden sounds from these two, melody a key strength with lovely blended harmonies. There’s also a balance of some fancy guitar work against some chilled rhythms and vibes. Hearing this made me think a little of older tunes from Calexico on a smaller scale but there’s definitely enough to make me want to hear more from these guys.

The Tune: Countdown Begins

By: Broken Lips – www.facebook.com/BrokenLipsBand

Hails From: Puerto Rico

Sounds: Alternative Rock, Melodic Punk, Metal

The melodic punk sounds shine through immediately and I’ll be honest, I was expecting male vocals but no – a bit of a surprise here with lyrical, dulcet tones of a female voice offering a really interesting contrast. Great use of layers and dynamics to build some intensity, along with some catchy guitar riffs and fiery drums is enough to get me hooked.

The Tune: Carry On

By: CERT 21 – www.facebook.com/Cert21

Hails From: Burnley/Manchester UK

Sounds: Punk / alt rock

This strikes a really good balance of rock with just a tinge of punk that doesn’t make me feel like I’m too old to be listening to this. It’s unlikely to offend too many ears even though it leans a little towards a heavier sound, great vocals with a gritty, raw tinge and catchy hooks.

The Tune: Transparent

By: Ease Springs – www.facebook.com/easespringsband

Hails From: Essex, England

Sounds: Alt Rock

This one packs a punch in energy and tempo. The melodic hook in the intro is pretty damn catchy. It’s a relatively mainstream sounds but one to turn up loud for full impact and the chorus is begging for a singalong. The drummer is an absolute machine on this one too.

The Tune: Kid Evidence

By: Impyus – www.facebook.com/impyus

Hails From: Harrogate, UK

Sounds: Rock/Funk/Prog

Curiousity got the better of me here, wasn’t sure where this was going but I kept listening. Glad I did, there is some definite soul entwined with rock here, and some incredible bass lines shining through the groove emanating from this one.

The Tune: Salt

By: Karina Berry – www.facebook.com/karinaberrymusic

Hails From: Bristol, UK

Sounds: Acoustic/Indie/Alternative

Immediately enchanted by the gorgeous timber of Karina’s vocals on this track, simple and captivating accompanied by acoustic guitar and subdued backing vocals letting the song shine through.

The Tune: That’s When I Come

By: Kill Freeman – www.facebook.com/KillFreeman

Hails From: Oakland, CA

Sounds: Like something you need to listen to

The more I listen to this, the more I like it. I don’t know why but it’s strangely enthralling and there’s an inherent beauty in the layering and rolling rhythms in this one.

The Tune: Get Away feat Cryptic Wisdom

By: LB The Emcee – www.facebook.com/LBTheEmcee

Hails From: White Plains, NY

Sounds: Hip Hop & Pop Rock

I really struggle with hip hop, despite my efforts in trying to listen but this I’m liking. I’m not really sure why but it’s probably something to do with the rock influence…it works for me.

The Tune: In My Blood

By: Leland Jacobs – www.facebook.com/pages/Leland-Jacobs/362140797211467

Hails From: Atlanta, GA

Sounds: Indie

Melodic sounds, with rock pop influences and soaring vocals that linger long after you stop listening. This is enough for me to be searching for more

The Tune: Dreams

By: Northern Sugar – www.facebook.com/northernsugaruk

Hails From: Wigan, UK

Sounds: Rock and Roll

Loving the fun, summery rock vibes, and catchy hooks will have toes tapping. The lyric rhymes are possibly a little obvious, but it does help with anticipating and learning lyrics…you’ll be singing, “I’m a dreamer…” in no time.

The Tune: A Calling

By: Odessa Stairs – www.facebook.com/odessastairs

Hails From: Hull, UK

Sounds: Instrumental

Gorgeous ambient sounds to chill out to with enchanting strings. Proof that words aren’t always necessary! Only problem is that it’s short…must find more, or play again.


The Tune: Ariadne’s Thread

By: O-O-O – www.facebook.com/o.o.o.music

Hails From: Lyon, France

Sounds: Indie, Math Rock, Math Pop

Vocals can get a little lost amongst everything else going on but there are some sweet rhythms and melodies here that all work together in sync despite individual complexities.

The Tune: We Start Fires

By: Panic Island – www.facebook.com/PanicIsland

Hails From: London, UK

Sounds: Rock

Cue bass, cue drums, some funky synth-like sound, then have the rest of the band kick in and you’ve got this little beauty. It’s rock, and it rocks…several listens already.

The Tune: Condiment Killer

By: Point Inaudible – www.facebook.com/PointInAudible

Hails From: Basildon,Essex

Sounds: Funk/Trash/Heavy Rock

Gone back to this one a couple of times, must be smitten with this one too. Rock with some funk vibes clearly striking a balance between grit and groove.

The Tune: Alive

By: Roisin O’Hagan – www.facebook.com/Roisinmusic

Hails From: Essex, UK

Sounds: Singer/ Songwriter

I’m a sucker for pop sounds given the right mood, and this indie pop folk number is no exception. It made me think of early Missy Higgins. And she’s 15….!

The Tune: Dear World and Sanctuary

By: Rory Indiana – www.facebook.com/RoryIndianaOfficial

Hails From: Brighton, UK

Sounds: Distorted Noise

Two tracks from Rory Indiana on the playlist – Dear World delivers soul and some seriously smooth tones, admirable for its sound as much as vocal technique. And to boot, it’s a song with a conscience.  Sanctuary I love for the sheer contrast against Dear World, more edge than contemplation but mashed with catchy uptempo hooks and melodic vocals.

The Tune: Ahh Mate (The Music)

By: Roskrow – www.facebook.com/pages/Roskrow/204590186251910

Hails From: Essex, UK

Sounds: MC/Vocalist/Lyricist

It’s not something I’d normally listen to, but lyrically it seems all too familiar. Change a few of the finer details and it could be a little too biographical for comfort. Reassuring to know that others feel the same way – those that don’t are missing out!

The Tune: The Devil is My Friend (And He’s Alright)

By: Sam Rothery – www.facebook.com/samrotherymusic

Hails From: Bradford, UK

Sounds: Blues tinged acoustic rock

Could have easily come from another era but the retro vibes are just too cool to resist.


The Tune: One Last Time

By: Scarlet Conviction – www.facebook.com/ScarletConviction

Hails From: North East England, UK

Sounds: Rock/Alt Rock

Loving this number, and props to chicks that rock too. Rock with some tinges of pop punk thrown in for extra catchy hooks

The Tune: Nothing Here Is A Mystery

By: The 4130’s – www.facebook.com/The4130s

Hails From: Ipswich, UK

Sounds: Loud , fast skatepunk

The iPod was turned up a little loud before I hit play here, so if you do something similar you might get a little jolt of sound blasting through. I’m getting flashbacks to the days of listening to early stuff from The Living End back in the day…good times

The Tune: Bluestocking Blues

By: The Love Toes – www.facebook.com/TheLoveToes

Hails From: Liverpool

Sounds: Bluestocking, Indie-Folk

What’s that I hear – a ukulele? There’s a lot of ukulele passing through my eardrums this week and I can’t resist this little ditty. It’s all about the ukulele love, nothing but joy and smiles


The Tune: Things We Found In the Sea

By: The Swears – www.facebook.com/TheSwears

Hails From: Auckland, New Zealand

Sounds: Pop / Indie

Love the surprise element here – wasn’t sure where this was going or what to expect, but strangely captivating ethereal sounds here with hypnotising vocals.

Can’t wait to see what the February playlist brings…


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