Karnivool and Dead Letter Circus @ The Palace (with sleepmakeswaves) – 8 & 9 Jan ’14

Humbled by the opportunity to share the stage with Dead Letter Circus and Karnivool, sleepmakeswaves quickly proved their worthiness, captivating from the outset.

Epic song titles including the opener To You They Are Birds, To Me They Are Voices in the Forest with its larger than life soundscapes encapsulated and entranced both the familiar fans and the uninitiated in their instrumental rock. Conceptually, a little strange to grasp but in practice it’s absolutely killer, working its magic through the sheer emotion of sound and building anticipation of a new album on its way this year.

With two formidable acts deserving equal attention, space filled early with the anticipation of Dead Letter Circus delivering an epic live set.

Easing into The Space on the Wall before the unmistakable enticement of The Cure met with deserving cheers, The Mile and the accompanying invitation to jump along began the gradual build of movement expanding across the floor, and lyrics shouted back to the stage.

The faithful were rewarded with Lines from the band’s debut EP and made their contributions loud and know and the surmountable energy continued to grow with invitations to get as crazy as on past occasions during Next in Line.

The order may have changed slightly across the nights, but The Veil made its unmistakable presence known from the outset on both occasions, as mind-blowing as ever.

If that wasn’t enough of a warm up, there was no reprieve offered from Karnivool on night one launching straight into Goliath for an unequivocally power-fuelled start, roaring bass and guitars setting an unprecedentedly high standard for the evening. Certainly not much opportunity to beat hearing your fave song at the outset.

But as always, Karnivool delivered, maintaining the impregnable air with A.M. War before travelling back to the days of Themata. Unprovoked crowd participation approaching the end of All I Know may have come as a bit of a surprise, but sounded amazing especially before the enormity of Deadman.

Karnivool @ The Palace

Karnivool @ The Palace

Back to back, We Are and The Refusal were a perfect match and unparalleled when followed with Set Fire to The Hive.

A group of dedicated fans used the small capsules of silence to break out into Fade, with one even taking the role of conductor to lead the group. They would have been happy on night two – either considered or coincidentally, Fade made an appearance after opening with The Last Few.

More set shuffles and changes meant that Simple Boy and Umbra got their share of the limelight, but the highlight for night two was undoubtedly Roquefort, after what seems like an eternity of not hearing it live. The roar and enthusiastic partaking suggested there may have been a few others happy to hear it too.

After the slightly more ethereal end to the previous evening with Aeons, night two was bought to a close with the chorale of New Day, hard pressed to find anyone who wasn’t making their voice heard.

Two nights that yet again impressed beyond expectation and created more memories at the Palace.

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