Voting Time – Triple J’s Hottest 100 2013


Another 12 months has flown by and deja vu has hit, reviewing pages and pages of song titles, scrolling through the iPod, CDs, YouTube and Spotify to narrow down thousands of options to a measly 10 votes allowed for the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown.

But this year’s votes are all about what I like – what I couldn’t stop listening to or get out of my head, not being bound by the parameters of the list, not necessarily voting for the songs that bands and artists are promoting for votes, and giving consideration to songs that have no chance of making it into the final 100 countdown, let alone the top 200 songs for 2013.

Hours of contemplation, listening, and scrawling draft lists left me with about 70 or so on the shortlist and my 10 votes as follows….

Top pick: Pearl Jam – Mind Your Manners

It’s not on the list, and it won’t make the countdown. But the number of listens this has had on myiPod over the last six or so months makes it undoubtedly (and unsurprisingly) my track of the year. Now, if I actually had an accurate count including the times I hit the back button before the song finished or other places I listened to it for a true count of listens, that would be a little scary….

And the other nine, defaulting to the natural order of the alphabet by artist…

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