Sleep Parade @ The Corner (with Holliava and Glass Empire) – 14 Dec ’13

Having been left to wonder what I’d just missed in the trail of megaphones and sirens blaring from the stage with High Side Driver, the void was soon filled with Holliava hitting the stage with rock stylings bearing resemblance to familiar sounds from the likes of Gyroscope and Motor Ace amongst others.

The debut album from 2010 got a bit of a work out on stage that night, along with the Antihero EP particularly with It’s 6 Degrees and Song and Dance leaving a pretty good impression of some seriously good guitar and drum sounds. Lyrically, this stuff doesn’t disappoint either pulling together a nice melodic listening drawing you in for more.

One new band clearly wasn’t enough to add to the list for the night. Glass Empire brought a little change of pace and intensity to the evening – think Dead Letter Circus and Karnivool – but  the guitars and mind blowing vocals were enough to impress from the outset with Pariah. There was clearly some eagerness to get Sounds into the set, but not before the lack of reprieve with the intensity of The Swarm and the equally absorbing Clarity.

After Dancing with the Enemy had been stuck in my head all day leading up to the gig, it was instantly recognisable with Sleep Parade ripping into it in fine form. No sooner launching into Devil’s Door, the featuring of Inside/Out was momentarily disrupted with Carry On before returning for Collision.

There may have been hints of slowing things down a little, but what may seem like mellower tunes with less energy and pace at the outset deceptively mask captivating builds and soundscapes demanding attention, as proved with Oxygen and Mirrors.

Unsurprisingly, the album’s title track made its way into the set before travelling back in time to hear a little more from the debut album Things Can Always Change. Everyday delivered in epic style before being treated to the motions of Passengers later in the evening.

And with a simple closing remark of ‘See you next year’, proceedings concluded with Weeping Walls. The crowd may have been a little smaller than usual but Sleep Parade delivered a stellar night of music again.

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