Closure in Moscow @ Ding Dong Lounge (with Going Swimming and All The Colours) – 22 Nov ’13

Going swimming, an activity not generally associated with getting ready for a night of entertainment. But when you’re talking about the band, it’s a completely different story.

Playing their last show for the year, Going Swimming bought the goods with an unrelentingly frantic and unashamedly energetic set full of random frivolity. The sparse crowd was no deterrent to bringing the goods on the night, foolhardy surf punk with live madness barley captured in a recording.

The dinner jackets and cruisy opening  from All the Colours was simply a guise for the rocking good time that was about to kick in. Before long, guitars picked up the pace showcasing those trademark progressive vintage sounds. A well rounded mix encompassed back to back catchy hooks with the known Second to None and Love Like This with Shame thrown into the mix.

Covers entertained as well, from the fervent shouts of ‘Break on through to the other side’, and a treat with a Faith No More cover to end the set. The new sounds intertwined amongst it all only provided an appetising teaser for what is sure to be a stellar album next year.

The main event delivered from Closure in Moscow brought with it all the expected zeal and energy, quickly ensuring a welcomed entry into The Church of the Technochrist, the first official taste of the band’s forthcoming sophomore release Pink Lemonade with all its rock preaching goodness. But First Temple got its fair share of attention on the evening too.

Cramming in continuous ear pleasing treats with A Night at the Spleen, Vanguard and Reindeer Age while sharing in the joys of sunlight, moonlight and street lights with mandated participation in a cover of ‘1960 What?’ left little time for chatter and banter. That was until sharing the elaborate and hyperbolic tales that led to the creation of new material, but soon returning to the music, launching into Afterbirth and wrapping up with Happy Days.

Part wacky and a little bizarre with just a splash of eccentric, but undeniably entertaining as always.

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