Busby Marou @ The Corner (with Nat Dunn and Harry Hookey) – 23 Nov ’13

A simple but breathtaking opening of ‘Everybody’s talking’ in Mango Tree quickly silenced a chattering crowd, and introduced Nat Dunn who was received with abundant cheers of appreciation. A cover of Bettye LaVette’s Let Me Down Easy and original material including ‘Shameless’, and ‘Lost and Found’ showcased musical taste and talent with incredible vocals to deliver.

Nat Dunn @ The Corner

Nat Dunn @ The Corner

While promising that Busby Marou would be on fire, and an incredible treat with Harry Hookey there was no mention of the powerhouse delivery that Nat Dunn would deliver herself when accompanied with more than an acoustic guitar on stage for ‘Last Standing Champion’. Unsurprisingly, the crowd rejoiced at the news that there was time for another, finishing up with Trigger.

The vocal and songwriting talent continued with Harry Hookey, hailing from Melbourne and fulfilling ambitions of playing the Corner for the first time. Captivating with witty lyrical tales and infectious roots sounds ranging from a bluesy Sometimes to the catchy folk infused Where I’ll be Found was likely imprinted into a few minds all working to cement the sound comparisons made to Bob Dylan and David Gray.

Harry Hookey @ The Corner

Harry Hookey @ The Corner

Mellower sounds were alleviated with the light-hearted humour of Audrey’s Song originally created as a cost effective birthday present, before the grittier Misdiagnosed amongst more as a taster to the album being released next year.

Walking on stage with the simple request of ‘Let’s give it some Melbourne’, Busby Marou were on fire as promised kicking off proceedings with All of You. The stunning guitar work from Jeremy Marou and impeccable vocals from Thomas Busby continued into Widow and the more delicate 5 Rocks, accompanied by a stellar band delivering down to earth soul and abundant levels of energy.

Busby Marou @ The Corner

Busby Marou @ The Corner

The iconically Australian Luck co-written with Don Walker was followed up with the bittersweet story providing the inspiration for Cruel to be Kind, tearing at heartstrings but resulting in an incredible song.

Continuing to showcase the brilliant talent in the room, Nat Dunn was invited back on stage to join Busby Marou (and everyone else in the room) for Biding My Time before the melodic Dancing on the Moon and the formidable guitar work unfolding on stage for Something For Me.

Ending the night with a ukulele and sharing Underlying Message, the first Busby Marou song written was definitely a highlight, but nothing could beat a bit of imagination to convert the Corner into North Keppel Island for a makeshift campfire singalong – the fire may have been missing but best attempts were made to converge around the band at the centre of the floor for a cover of Haim’s ‘The Wire’.

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