Lorde @ The Corner (with Oliver Tank) – 22 Oct ’13

A Tuesday night at the Corner, and an unusually larger-than-normal crowd (given the time) was already hovering around the venue and near the stage in anticipation of something spectacular. While waiting, everyone was treated to the electronic sounds of Oliver Tank. No dancing shoes required here, more a down tempo, ethereal feel mixing instruments with samples to create the chilled, laid back sounds filling the room. The sounds of Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion and Up All Night may have actually said more than the lyrics, but there was no mistaking the spark of brilliance in Sound of Silence. Music that gets you thinking in one way or another, even with the newer Different Speed before finishing with Beautiful.

Oliver Tank @ The Corner Credit: Kristel Proctor t: @justkyp

Oliver Tank @ The Corner
Credit: Kristel Proctor t: @justkyp

The crowd was getting increasingly restless and agitated after a not so fashionably late start (granted, the worst thought of a no show probably entered a few heads) but all was quickly forgotten with the incredible opening of Bravado. Lorde commands the stage like a performer twice her age  and equal amounts of experience, with confidence, assertiveness and vocal prowess that is undeniably mind blowing. Biting Down has a much edgier feel to it live and after being told of the quieter crowd the night before, the noise levels quickly rose in time to sing with Tennis Court. Buzzcut Season was a favourite on the night with all its layered brilliance but Lorde declared Ribs as the song that meant a lot to her and included Royals earlier in the set rather than leaving ‘the song’ to the clichéd finale.

Lorde @ The Corner Credit: Kristel Proctor t: @justkyp

Lorde @ The Corner
Credit: Kristel Proctor t: @justkyp

It seems that the unconventional might be the way of the Lorde; rather than the obligatory pretend end to the show pre-encore, Lorde openly admitted that her deal was not doing encores. However, given that we had to ‘work’ to get the last song (A World Alone), it’s still something…perhaps a continued-core? Let me work on that, because I’m still wondering what would have happened if the cheers working for one last song were replaced with the repetitive chants of, “Two more songs!”

Lorde 2

Lorde @ The Corner
Credit: Kristel Proctor t: @justkyp

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