Dead Letter Circus (with Sleep Parade and Closure in Moscow) – 31 Aug ’13

For some unbeknownst reason, it’s taken me a long time to start listening to Dead Letter Circus…so I’m now making up for lost time.  I’ve been intrigued with the latest album, ‘The Catalyst Fire’ so it was time to check out what these guys had to offer live.

Evidence again of the reason to support the support bands at a gig, Sleep Parade were pretty phenomenal live and had me hooked within a minute of opening with Dancing with the Enemy. I had no idea of what to expect s, but they delivered some insanely cool rock sounds – grit, angst, melody, harmony, riffs…it’s all there.  Amongst some equally impressive older tracks, Devil’s Door and 2:09 showcased the diversity of their latest album, ‘Inside/Out’ and their various influences (check out The River for a change of pace…) Yet another fine example of awesome local talent, and given the size of the crowd at this time of the evening coupled with the committed air drumming and air guitar going on, it seems that there may be a few others getting behind Sleep Parade too.


Sleep Parade @ The Hi Fi

I was pretty thrilled to see that Closure in Moscow were also supporting, having listened to them for quite a while but never seeing them live. They’re a bit of a surprise package, with the quirky linguistic talents of Christopher de Cinque entertaining the crowd between belting out old (A Night at the Spleen, Kissing Cousins, Sweet#hart, Reindeer Age) and new tracks from the upcoming album ‘Pink Lemonade’, with gentle persuasiveness of audience participation. Not what I expected from a live performance, but based on this fine example of why it is “fantabulous to be alive” on this “splendiferous planet” I’ll be happily partaking in future social engagements at which Closure in Moscow feature live.

Closure in Moscow @ The Hi Fi

Closure in Moscow @ The Hi Fi

There was an incredible amount of energy coming from the stage as Dead Letter Circus appeared, opening with The Cure and unrelenting through to the end of the night, with crowd participation prevalent and eagerly encouraged. Suspecting an interest in new material, the set featured a couple of other tracks from the new album (Alone Awake, Say Your Prayers, Lodestar). From listening to The Catalyst Fire, The Veil is a killer track but it’s another beast live and definitely my fave from the night.

Dead Letter Circus @ The Hi Fi

Dead Letter Circus @ The Hi Fi

But there was no doubting that the older material was far more evident of what a DLC crowd could deliver. Come prepared to jump, clap and sing…or shout along, probably more the latter…and don’t think you can get away with joining in for a chorus or two. Crowd participation was rife and built throughout the night but reached epic proportions of sing/shout contributions for Cage.

After repetitive chants of ‘DLC’, the inevitable encore commenced with requests to go crazy for Here we Divide, and the crowd willingly obliged before Lines, a quick crowd pic and an impressive finish on Next in Line

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