Dead in a Second – Girls in Town


My latest purchase, so recent that I only clicked buy a few seconds ago, as if iTunes hasn’t received enough of my money this week. But this is completely and utterly justified!

So it’s been a little while since I discovered Dead in a Second, but since that time things have been quiet in terms of new material…but that recently changed with news of Girls in Town. Having heard this recently, it’s been worth the wait!

A title like Girls in Town might trigger some thoughts of a similarly named track, and rightly so as this is a rework of the Divinyls’ classic Boys in Town. No need to fear though, this is a very cool rework in the utmost respect and tribute to the incredible Chrissy Amphlett. In fact, the track is being used to raise awareness and funds for MS and breast cancer research. Get behind it!

Girls in Town on iTunes

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