Simon Meli and the Widowbirds @ NSC (28 Jul ’13)

Simon Meli – the name might ring a bell from that TV juggernaut that is The Voice but post exposure it was time to see what life after the self-proclaimed ‘TV machine’ had in stall for a chilled Sunday crowd.

Performing with the Widowbirds, soul rock and roll was all that mattered with originals, covers and casual jams filling the cosy venue and bringing smiles and toe tapping to all involved. A little glitch of a broken guitar string during the opening was quickly forgotten with the catchy Dust and Stone.

Despite slowing things down just a little for My Time, the TV machine was not forgotten, with a token performance of ‘Hard to Handle’ (nothing like a little Otis) making its way into the set complete with copious amounts of white dude dancing, raising energy levels and received to rousing cheers along with a rather impressive cover of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Ramble on’.

Simon Meli and The Widowbirds @ NSC

Simon Meli and The Widowbirds @ NSC

Covers aside, the new material featured during the show was pretty impressive with catchy guitar riffs, emotion driven choruses and soulful vocals, before Lead Myself Astray which merged into soul filled cover of ‘Gimme Some Lovin’ with more of that uncontrollable white dude dancing almost taking us to a gospel revival…it was Sunday, after all, and we were converted and subsequently treated to a cover of Free’s The Hunter for an encore.

On all accounts, this was a solid gig and one could have been forgiven for forgetting that the hours of daylight would still be in sight on leaving the venue. It wasn’t about earth shattering, life defining rock and roll moments but in terms of a feel good factor, there was nothing to not like about this little Sunday matinée.

Plus, we got our CDs signed…nice! 🙂


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