MS MR @ The Hi Fi – 29 Jul ’13

After missing the support act (a misfortune on my part, but still worth checking out Twinsy for some feel good electro pop joy…those calypso sounds will catch you), it was clear that this Melbourne crowd was ready for a good time despite it only being a Monday night. Why would the day of the week spoil the fun?

Making their way to the stage in a post Splendour in the Grass stupor did not stop MS MR from pleasing this ready to party crowd, opening with the driving beat of Bones to resounding approval. Before long, dancing and clapping were mandatory contributions to Salty Sweet and were maintained throughout the night particularly by the swell of dedicated fans near the stage except for the short loss in momentum with the slower tempos of ‘BTSK’ and ‘This isn’t Control’.

MS MR @ The Hi Fi

MS MR @ The Hi Fi

Time was also given to sharing a number of first moments. Firstly, a cover of Patrick Wolf’s ‘Time of My Life’, the first song recorded by the band accompanied by tales of humbled beginnings, and followed by Fantasy, being the band’s first single and official video.

Although slightly huskier than usual, there was no doubting the sheer joy from Lizzy Plapinger and Max Hershenow in being in Melbourne again with the bountiful thanks and gratitude throughout the set received to cheers.

The downside? An all too short set. The party was just getting started when the set was brought to an end with Hurricane, a great end but we just weren’t ready to go home yet.

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