Stereophonics @ The Palace (with Atlas Genius) – 21 Jul ’13

It’s 2013, and I finally gave myself a kick to go and see the Stereophonics. For whatever reasons, I’d always said next time…which doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. It’s not like I don’t know who they are…the albums are in my collection, there have been several opportunities in the past to see them, but I just haven’t. But what happened then isn’t important now…I righted my wrongs on 21 July and I’m very glad I did…

After reading and hearing about Atlas Genius, I finally know what all the fuss is about. Warming up the crowd at the Palace with their upbeat sounds, Atlas Genius had the building crowd of 30-somethings and maybe even the 40-somethings grooving along. Apparently Trojans is a bit of a favourite amongst those already tuned in, but I’m going to give my favourite votes to ‘On A Day’ and ‘If So’. One night and I’ve been converted to being a fan…definitely worth checking these guys out.


Atlas Genius @ The Palace

Atlas Genius @ The Palace

Atlas Genius @ The Palace

With the obligatory warm up aside, it was time for the main event with the Stereophonics. Unsurprisingly, as the tour was in support of the latest album a number of tracks that made the set were from Graffiti on The Train from opening with ‘Catacomb’, to the vast, epic sounds of the album’s title track. I think I was crammed amongst the diehard fans from a few albums ago who hadn’t caught up with the new stuff, but personally ‘Graffiti on the Train’ is amazing live. In terms of the new album, the only track that surpassed it on the night was the bluesy ‘Been Caught Cheating’…talk about shivers up the spine.

But it wasn’t all about the new stuff, and the cheers for the older tracks were evidence of a happy crowd with tracks from Performance and Cocktails, as well as Word Gets Around appeasing the long time loyalists. Given that Just Enough Education to Perform was the first Stereophonics album to enter my collection, hearing ‘Mr Writer’, ‘Have a Nice Day’ and ‘Vegas Two Times’ live was pretty special, and reminded me of all the things I loved (and still love) about that album.


Stereophonics @ The Palace

Stereophonics @ The Palace

Stereophonics @ The Palace

From the rocky edge of ‘Vegas Two Times’, the night slowed down for the big ‘Traffic’ singalong. It wouldn’t have been a complete night with the Stereophonics if we didn’t hear ‘Dakota’ to send us on our merry way home.

Thankfully I did get myself in order to check the Stereophonics this time, if I’d waited for the second show I would have missed out again due to an unfortunate cancellation. Will I be there next time? Hell yes!

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