Something for Kate @ The Forum (with Courtney Barnett) – 14 Jun ’13

Based on the number of beanie clad heads and jacket wearing punters entering the Forum, it was clearly a chilly evening and what better way to celebrate the first gig of winter by checking out Something for Kate. Admittedly, I’ve been slightly addicted to watching all the Shotgun Karaoke videos being posted throughout the tour with Paul Dempsey covers, but nothing beats checking out the band live.

As everyone began to take shelter from the weather outside, Courtney Barnett got things started for the evening. I’d heard a couple of tracks prior to the gig, but the live set was an opportunity to catch a few more songs from I’ve Got a Friend called Emily Ferris live, with a really tight performance of solid vocals and gritty guitars. I’d have to say Scotty Says was a stand out, apart from ending the set with History Eraser, absolutely killer track! A pretty good start for a Friday night!

Courtney Barnett @ The Forum

Courtney Barnett @ The Forum

Opening with ‘Captain (Million Miles an Hour)’, Something for Kate hit the stage in fine form with a set list showcasing the brilliance of Leave your Soul to Science, with Private Rain making an appearance early on and followed by others as the night went on, including Star Crossed Citizens (great live!). But the set also spanned across releases as far back as 1997’s Elsewhere for 8 Minutes. This was nothing short of continual reinforcement of what makes Something for Kate a seriously solid live act, well deserving of sold out shows across the tour and the reason I keep going back, and rambling on to anyone who’ll listen about how good Something for Kate are live.

Something for Kate @ The Forum

Something for Kate @ The Forum

Later in the night, ‘The Kids will Get the Money’, dedicated as a special number for Gina Reinhart made everyone laugh for a moment before getting back to the sheer brilliance of the music. The acoustic ‘Light at the End of the Tunnel’ with John Hedigan was a standout, as was the incredible cover of Hunters and Collectors ‘When the River Runs Dry’. All fears of not hearing my favourite track were laid to rest when ‘Deja Vu’ made it into the encore…a perfect evening! Until next time, there’s still a couple of shotgun karaoke videos that should make an appearance from the few remaining tour dates that might hold me over. Join in the fun and check out a couple of my faves…

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