Electric Empire & Bilal @ The Hi Fi (3 May ’13)

So I was lucky enough to get my hands on some tickets to check out Electric Empire and Bilal at the Hi Fi on Friday Night. An awesome way to end what was a crazy week…

I’ve seen Electric Empire live a couple of times (initially as a support for Aloe Blacc), and they never seem to disappoint live. Some seriously awesome musicians that are definitely worth checking out live if you get a chance. The surprise comes with shared lead vocals across band members, with really cool soul and R&B vibes that you hear recorded, but are on another dimension live. This time I got to hear ‘Changin’ live, off the band’s most recent EP amongst a balanced mixed of slow, extended grooves like ‘Different Circumstances’ and more upbeat numbers, finishing with ‘Baby Your Lovin’

Check out an acoustic performance of ‘Changin’ here

It’s fair to say that I hadn’t come across much of Bilal‘s work before this gig, and I wish I’d had the opportunity to enjoy the live set more without having to hear the people next to me chatting all evening (talking during songs at a gig is a big faux pas in my books! But then I don’t have the guts to tell anyone to shut up either for fear of physical ramifications…a dilemma of sorts!)

Regardless, this guy is seriously cool. I’m not going to claim that I’m going to become his biggest fan, but definitely worth listening to some more after getting a taster of some older tracks along with material from his newest album ‘A Love Surreal’ during the set. Think soul, R&B, a little jazz, and maybe even a touch of Prince….just be careful if you decide to search via Spotify, you’re looking for the African American dude and not the bald white dude with the weird goatee 😉

Check out ‘Back to Love’ here

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