Amos Lee – Live from The Artists Den

I love getting parcels in the mail, particularly when it’s an eargerly anticipated purchase…in this case I’m talking about a special little DVD of Amos Lee Live at the Artists Den. Seriously cool stuff.

Why was I so excited? Because this is the closest I’ve gotten to seeing Amos Lee live…he was out in Australia back in 2007 for the West and East Coast Blues and Roots music festivals and I (regrettably) didn’t have a chance to go to a festival sideshow. I barely caught the end of a set when Amos Lee was supporting Dave Matthews Band at Bethel Woods (LONG story…), and also missed a show in LA a few years ago by a day due to travel plans not aligning 😦 But it doesn’t matter, it will happen one day….In the meantime I have a DVD 😉

amos lee 2

Recorded at the gorgeous Fox Theatre in Tuscon, AZ, there are performances across all albums, opening with a captivating El Camino and several other tracks with the band covering some blues, a little bit of soul, rock and nothing like a little bit of  slide guitar. Sure it wasn’t a live performance, but you can’t help but grooving along to this stuff. Hearing Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight is always a moment, given it was the first Amos Lee song I ever heard.

The band then disappears for some solo performances of Skipping Stone and Out of the Cold…seriously impressive vocals here people! But the truly unexpected moment comes with a surfer rock styled rendition of Truth….and for some reason I want to walk around saying “cowabunga dude”…. But all that is over pretty quickly, and the real highlight comes with Windows are Rolled Down – it’s difficult to pick a favourite Amos Lee track, but I think this is up there! The concert ends with Joey Burns from Calexico (yep, a male duet!) singing Seven Spanish Angels….beautiful!

Thankfully before even knowing the DVD was out, I was aware of Amos Lee working with Calexico on Mission Bell and did some further listening of my own and I’m glad I did, Algiers was an amazing album and can’t wait to listen to more!

Check out a  a clip of Amos performing Low Down Life

So, read some exciting news yesterday that Amos Lee is recording a new album in Nashville – horray! More exciting is that it is being recorded in an old church that’s been converted into a studio by producer Jay Joyce. This will be his fifth studio album, can’t wait!

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