Nicholas Roy @ The Northcote Social Club (4 Jan ’13)

I first heard Nicholas Roy perform at the Workers Club in Fitzroy back in November 2012, when he performed as part of The Songwriters Circle with Matthew Barber and Asa Broomhall (both worthy of a listen!). Beat described him as Peter Gabriel meets David Gray – based on that alone, I shouldn’t be surprised that I liked what I heard from Nick’s performance….I’m a HUGE David Gray fan (which all started on a late night watching Rage back in the day…). Santa was obviously listening at this point, because Christmas Day saw me unwrapping “In a shoebox under a bed” and a copy of the ‘Jessica’ EP. Santa rocks!

Coincidently, or perhaps conveniently an sms on Boxing Day alerted me to an upcoming show that Nicholas Roy was doing to support Hawksley Workman at the Northcote Social Club. It wasn’t the first (or last) time I’d gone to a gig to see a support rather than a main act, so it sounded like the perfect way to kick off gigging season 2013.

Let’s face the facts. It was January, in Melbourne…and it was scorching hot. We’re talking that 40 degrees “OMG I can’t believe my sneakers aren’t melting into the ground” kind of hot. Getting to a gig in these occasions is an effort, but when it’s for the music, you do what you have to do. Thankfully arriving early at the venue to bask in the glory of an air-conditioned room meant being at liberty to sit on the floor for the evening. About 90% of the people at the venue joined in as they arrived so don’t go making judgements..the standing folk were the outsiders this time LOL

First to take the stage was Leena, a talented singer-songwriter from Fremantle. Beautiful vocals and lyrics that were far more deserving of a larger audience! Subsequent iTunes purchase made too, but admittedly, more listening needs to happen here. Leena has also supported Paul Dempsey (aka frontman for Something for Kate) Again, I shouldn’t be surprised that I liked what I heard (and further disappointment for having missed Paul’s solo tour!!!)

Leena @ NSC

Leena @ NSC

Following a great start to the night, Nicholas Roy took the stage and graced the audience with impeccable vocals (as always), accompanied by guitar and keyboard for a set including ‘Victoria’ and my favourite, ‘Black Dog’ – happy days! There’s nothing wrong with listening to these tracks recorded, but there’s certainly something extra that comes with the live set. Definitely worth checking out if you get a chance.

Nicholas Roy @ NSC
Nicholas Roy @ NSC

Canada’s Hawksley Workman was in town as a sideshow performance from appearing at the Woodford Folk Festival. I hadn’t realised that there was such a following here in Melbourne, but the ever-growing crowd was evidence of that, accompanied by the singalongs . Songwriting is clearly a strength here, not withstanding genre crossovers and a set filled with cultural hilarity and disbelief at what nature had delivered weatherwise.

Hawksley Workman @ NSC

Hawksley Workman @ NSC

So while this gig took place about four months ago, recent events mean The Voice has become a whole lot more interesting with Nicholas Roy taking part in the blind auditions which aired on Sunday 14th April. Looking forward to seeing what happens here 🙂

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